I Love April Weather

Rain Rain Here to Stay (please!) Sunshine come another day! 

If you can’t tell I’m an April Baby.  Born in the correct month because I LOVE rain.  Unless I have places to go, otherwise I’m perfectly content to nap like a cat starring out the window from post-BLS CPR certification exhaustion.  Not so sure how I feel about a micro test now…so of course I’m sitting here “studying” (meaning I’m looking up more food blogs to pour through, it’s like another version of nervous eating for me-when I’m all keyed up over a bunch of stuff I need to be doing I usually slip into food blog reading.  Mainly dessert blogs.  The more dangerously delicious and unhealthy the food is I’m looking up, the greater the stress monster.  Right now I’m looking up Smore’s bars. Yesssssss please. Rainy day and smore’s bars (at least in my mind there real).