My Art Is…The Best Art..of All the Art

*to start off that fruit model really paid off on that exam.  I’m as smart as the first letter of the alphabet 😉  Ok-let me deflate my head.  I’m sure tomorrow’s nutrition exam will do the trick! 

Today was the first day of my final biology 129 (anatomy) laboratory and we are finishing out the semester with sculpting artistic models of the human reproductive organs! (did I mention I go to 8AM art class for 2 hours twice a week? Art class for bio nerds like me! I love it, takes be back to middle school art…clay was definitely my specialty.) AKA we do most of our learning by sculpting out the organs/systems from clay and dressing up our skeleton people. I ended up working on creating the perfect female clay model for 2 hours and ended up with the uterus taking up most of the tray-making everything else crowded in around it uncomfortably.  I think I’ll justify this massive uterus by making a little clay fetus and sticking it on the endometrium lining. Problem Solved.  

Anyways, spending my first waking hour so focused on this new unit clearly made an imprint on my brain-because I decided to go on a -ForFunRelaxationRecoveryRun without pre-mapping where I’d go, (just letting my feet take me wherever!) and decided to map out where I’d went when I got back.  

Turns out I ran a 7-mile uterus-shape around state college.