I Used Real Staples. Just Like the Professionals.

What are these? This is a picture of a stomach (looking like a mango), a liver (resembling a sweet potato), a pancreas (looking banana-ish), a spleen (a citrus-y spleen) and a gall bladder (looking like a packet of chinese take out sauce)

In my agony over anatomical factoids leaking out of my ears faster than I could put the duct tape of memorization over my external auditory meatus’s-my mother came up with one of her crafty woman/still mother of elementary schoolers ideas and I decided to give it a shot because my mind was shot.  My mom is too fun, and despite the model being confusing to look at, it was funny to make and I actually think I did very well (*fingers crossed…not counting the chicks before they hatch here..) on the practical today. It’s amazing though what kind of physical toll anatomy class is taking on me, I can count on feeling stomach sickness 24 hours up to the exam, as well as elevated pulse rate 2-4 hours pre-test, and general creakiness and muscle weariness a few days before.  Then after the actual exam all my insides turn to jelly and my brain feels like a huge weight was suddenly lifted off, but too fast at one time so it’s in a sort of shock.  In a nutshell, I slowly degrade a couple of weeks before every exam.  But with each exam only a couple of weeks apart….therefore I am constantly in a stage of physical/mental meltdown.  But look at this! I even used real staples just like the professionals!!! 😉