What scares me more than Philadelphia and Florida combined?? Anatomy Lab

What scares me more than Philadelphia and Florida combined??

Anatomy Lab Practicals.  Here are some pictures of what kinds of preparation is needed for me to face my impending doom.  Good study sessions, then fun study sessions that result in major arguments over pie vs. cake.  (I’ll have to discuss why they cannot be compared in the same universal category another day, it’s that important)  

What’s the picture of the mysterious cookie dough-like spheres doing here then? WELL I have this thing for the new confection called ‘Cake Balls’ which consists of baking a cake, cooling it, blending it up with luscious vanilla frosting and then forming into balls, and dipping in white chocolate. They are seriously good, but time consuming.  Sometimes I just want to eat solid cake batter (particularly Funfetti because it has a distinctively happier flavor).  So in my avoidance of debating the whereabouts of my arytenoid cartilage I stumbled across a recipe titled “Cake Batter Truffles” on the interweb! Made them 2 hours later and they are….lusciously addictive tasting like you stepped into a cake batter fairy land.