It’s ok. You’re Wearing Pantyhose.

Just a little Wednesday morning nutrition lecture story here.  You know there are 2 kinds of people-those who take themeslves too seriously and those who don’t take themselves seriously enough.  This morning I stumbled upon one of the ‘taking herself way too seriously’ club.  Walked into nutrition 250 lecture all chipper (as chipper as the average person can be on a wednesday morning at 9:00) ready for learning about my inadequate iron intake.  It’s all good, life is pretty average today 🙂 when I got into the room I found a nice end-row seat which happened to be next to this very clean cut, red-haired pixie girl.  I politely asked her if it was ok if I sat there (you know, just sort of a “Greetings Neighbor! I might be dressed in running spandex and nerd glasses, smell like coffee and deodorant but it looks like you have enough class to cover us both!) to which she responded with a glare and pursed lipped head shake, to which I took as “welcome! I’d love to sit next to you today and let you bask in my ability to be so fashionable at 9:00AM”.  

So begins what surely will be a life long friendship.

She wasted no time and as soon as I sat down she got to work in shooting me electric vibes of her distain for my presence.  I decided she just needed a friendly face so I’d be extra aware of her clear need for some positive encouraging words.  The battle between her dark oppressing distain vibes and my positive encouraging vibes (which were valiantly trying to shield me from her distain cloud at the same time as infliltrating her black wall of un-welcome) continued till the teacher said we were doing an in-class assignment and we’d need our 3-day diet analysis data (and if we didn’t have our own we had to use our neighbors).  WEll guess who didnt’ bring her diet analysis? that was me. I gingerly looked at her and asked if she’d mind telling me how many milligrams of iron she’d consumed in 3 days.  She flippantly gestured to her data sheet where that little piece of information would be but didn’t make much of an effort to put it within easy viewing (as her thumb covered it). I’m still undecided over if craning my neck to get those few extra points was worth it.  Awkward.  

Leaving class I concluded that people wearing pantyhose voluntarily at 9:00 took themselves too seriously and needed less serious people around them to dilute their attitudes.  Or just to laugh at them.  Good morning world!!