The best Saturdays are waking up at 8:30 to a tranquil quiet room because nobody wakes up that ea

The best Saturdays are waking up at 8:30 to a tranquil quiet room because nobody wakes up that early in college on a saturday.  Turning on foodnetwork so to slowly but fully wake you up, finding out that your favorite foodie show host (Giada!) is on and making yummy decisiousness for you while you sip the leftover hazelnut coffee from yesterday.  Ahhh…maybe coffee gets better with age too (or it’s just my junkie brain not caring what form the caffeine is in.  Life is too good at that moment to care).  After letting yourself get fully awake and aware, go for a nice saturday morning fun 6 mile run, not caring how fast, just going.  It’s super chilly but intensely sunny, people are out walking their dogs, just enjoying the sun and waiting for the temperature to catch up with the sky.  Getting back, to the room, proud of yourself for getting that run in and it isn’t even noon yet!  Next you take a refreshing shower delighting in the orange vanilla soap (which is only used for special occasions!) and feeling squeaky clean afterwards.  Off to brunch to read the paper, eat breakfast food (the Classic Weekend Foods, scrambled eggs, whole wheat waffle with natural peanut butter and strawberry jam!) Go so far as to daringly sneak some of Simmon’s amazing granola and dried blueberries into the secret tupperware you keep in your backpack for such occasions 😉 After brunch find out that special k fruit and yogurt bunches cereal is on sale!!! buy it.  Go to creamery and get a large coconut coffee.  The elegant business building (that makes you feel like your on a cruise ship) is conveniently on your way back to the dorm so you find a cozy couch and coffee table nook on the third floor where you have a very enjoyable and relaxing anatomy study session while sipping that liquid coconut caffeine heaven and eating all the yogurt bits out of your on-sale Special K.  That is what a Perfect Saturday in College Is. And to top it off you get to dress up and go out dancing tonight!