The Chicklet and the Nest

Did you know iTunes has free songs weekly?? Well aren’t you a smart cookie. I on the other hand did not-and stumbled upon it while I was braving my fear of creating personal accounts on anything connected to the internet and making my own iTunes account.  (I was just getting too tired of buying songs with the remainder of my Christmas gift card on my parents computer at home, then burning the songs on a CD THEN re-burning the CD onto my computer-still resulting in songs being called ‘Track 01, Track 02….” Leaving me to guess at the titles.  So in yet another step out of the nest, this little chicklet took initiative and freed herself from the parent cyber-music nest, and laid the first few twigs on her own! So while taking a few more baby steps into the world, Little Chicklet found the wonders of free AND legal musical candy! The best free song of the week (out of 3 options) is ‘Young Blood’ by The Naked and Famous.  I know, but just listen to the song.  It’s reminiscent of the group, Passion Pit, as in it makes me want to dress in a vintage cotton summer frock and kick sand around impishly.  Heeheee.

O.K. So another thing this girl’s been up to (besides digging through dead cats.* and cramming for a microbiology exam which may or may not have gone swimmingly…time and some frozen yogurt will tell) is expanding her list of regular food blogs to read.  

*Note.  When I say I’ve been digging through dead cats that doesn’t mean I’m picking up roadkill, what I’m doing is going to 8:00 in the AM anatomy lab and trying to match a cat’s inner structure with that of a human.  we’re pretty simiar…