oh yes. it is the They Day-awakened this morning by the scratching sounds of choice words being y

oh yes. it is the They Day-awakened this morning by the scratching sounds of choice words being yelled just a door away in charged up excitement for what is to come today-some know it as State Patty’s Day.  After stumbling out of bed because it was no use to sleep with such noise invading my ears I walked out to the common room to the one thing I can always (well, except for the one morning it overflowed and the bits of bean went everywhere-I’ll excuse that day; hey everyone, even over worked coffee makers, needs personal days) count on, my beloved liquid joy creator.  Ah, the times we’ve been through nobody can compare to our dedicated relationship.  Anyways, so pressed that button, moved on to the bathroom sink; never have I seen so many electrical hazards in one bathroom-spreading to the common room and into the other bedroom.  Sort of an ‘S-shaped’ camp for salon stylist-turned hobos.  Ok, being a resident of this town not just a student here, I care a lot about it and when I know people are using it as a trash town-or better yet as a one night stand town, it-“ticks” me off (for restraint of using other words).  Not just students who could care less about the town, but they import cohorts from surrounding areas with even less regard for this place and well being.  NICE. I’m not trying to rain on anyones party day (really, at this place every weekends a party weekend and I don’t complain) but you really didn’t need to desecrate one of my favorite holidays (SAINT Patricks Day) to create another reason to drink yourselves silly, you do that every weekend clearly not needing a holiday for it.  I love Irish culture (being a fiddler myself) one of my favorite parts of working at the Rita’s downtown was that it was right beside the local Irish bar-the Phyrst and I loved listening to the music and merriment while taking out the garbage in the evenings.  Wish I could just go in and listen to the music, and in general I see no problem with that atmosphere.  But like a lot of things we as humans tend to do, go five steps too far, we’ve done it again.  Now supposedly there’s a TANK on duty tonight?? way to go Penn State.  Is this FTK too??