I wish this was a cooking blog.  So in an attempt to jazz this place up a bit I decided to give

I wish this was a cooking blog.  So in an attempt to jazz this place up a bit I decided to give dorm cooking a shot (beyond microwaving oatmeal).  How hard could it be? And how many cooking blogs are there that focus around the typical college student dorm ‘kitchen’ (microwave, mini fridge and freezer, if you’re lucky you might have a sink or your roomates keep a quesadilla iron in the common room.)  I did my research for some good background information, searching for good microwave ideas and “dorm cooking”.  There are quality ideas out there regarding the topic but most of the recipes I found were obviously written by people who assume we all store rice and butter in our sock drawer. I already know a winner microwave mug brownie recipe that’ll for sure awaken you from any english15 coma.  However that recipe requires preparation from outside sources-meaning you need tiny amounts of flour, sugar, oil, cocoa, and baking powder to achieve the desired effect.  Do you know anyone who keeps a bag of flour, sugar, and jug of oil under their bed? So despite it being a microwave recipe, it does not equate a dorm room recipe to me.  With this information I picked up what was on hand and decided to make ‘granola bars’.  No flour-but we’ve got cranberry almond crunch cereal! that’ll do, add the sad un-eaten golden raisins and craisins remaining from that industrial sized bag of tropical trail mix.  Now we need binding action. Peanut butter.  Culinary glue for when things need fixing-not to mention your resident Kitchen Carcinogen! After grinding all these ingredients together I threw in 3 packets of non-dairy coffee creamer for an extra special touch of fake and threw it in the microwave.  I didn’t take a picture of that result-didn’t even taste good and looked even worse.

Take 2

Peanut Butter Fudge

1 can vanilla frosting

1 jar peanut butter

add-ins (and form of chocolate would be good in this or spread it on a layer of crushed cinnamon grahms before fridging)

Mix the two together, spread in container of any sort-freeze for 3-4 hours then cut to desired shape.  

You cannot fail.

If you do you obviously have more critically important things to do than read this blog, hop to it!