Dream Documentation

Does anyone else out there tend to have more interesting subconscious hallucinations at night during extended periods of college? I know there has to be some, if not everyone.  But lately I’ve been experiencing another bought of vivid sleep-adventures but this time I’m finally not pregnant or getting married at my middle school.  Those dreams visit me about 3 times a year like clockwork, sometimes I wake up and think of how I’m to tell my parents I’m married or having a kid.  This can go on for up to an hour of laying in bed contemplating my actual situation-but there are few feelings better than waking up and then being overcome by relief that you are in fact not pregnant! Always a great start to my morning.  Aside from these, another common theme in my night thoughts is the Titanic, as was the theme 2 nights ago.  Specifically, I was a second class passenger rooming with one of my friends (we had great victorian sinks in our room but skinny mirrors).  Our fellow Titanic passengers included the Nazis, led by Voldemort. 

Now it get’s interesting.

My friend instructs me to carefully guard our room while she takes a nap, and to not let Voldemort go in.  I sit dutifully outside the room and then watch as a grim reaper-like Voldemort walks right past me and into the room, all the while thinking “I’m supposed to do something but I can’t remember what!” I realized my guard job too late because by that time Voldemort was making my friend fly a jet plane off the ship.  

The next scene.  I’m in a very elegant closet on the ship with beautiful oak shelves.

Next.  I’m on a sandy beach with all the other innocent passengers and then the Nazis and their Voldemort leader-we are all starring at the stormy sky and suddenly I’m holding a small infant and singing a Jeff Buckley song, Voldemort tells me to “shut up” and that I was going to die like Lilly Potter.  So that’s where the kid came from! He’s Harry Potter!

Woke up.