You’re the Na to my Cl

In honor of St. Valentine and of the noble subjects Microbiology/Anatomy I feel it appropriate to combine the 2 in some handy pick-up lines (through some efficient internet research)  Useful right? because chances are, all you out there who even acknowledge this holiday are probably dorks studying these subjects, so go out there and fulfill your action potentials! Here are some helpful tips on finding you’re matching nucleotide:

“Are you rich in sodium? Cause it seems like osmotic pressure brought me over to you, but no worries we’ll help decrease those sodium level through perspiration tonight.” 

“When you’re with me there’s no need for your S.A. node because I’ll make sure you heart rate is always up, all the way to the purkinje fibers”

“Right now we’re just two RNA, but maybe we could transcribe together and become DNA.”

Good Luck! *use with class and care!